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Ezgo Gas Golf Carts started getting popular in the Early 80's along with all golf carts. Ezgo Started out big time in 1984 as a 2 cycle vehicles and that lasted all the way to 1991. These vehicles were reliable but also have big trouble with the oil and gas mixture and we would recomend mixing the oil and gas into your tank directly.

In 1991 they produced two vehicles a gas 2 cycle marathon and a 4 cycle gas marathon until 1994. In 1994 they produced a 4 cycle gas cart and changed the design to a medalist.

The medalist originally had a metal body but was changed to a fiber glass body in 1996. The engines were 287 cc 9 horse power engines. The Ezgo Gas vehicles didnt really change until 2010 when they came out with the RXV Ezgo gas golf cart.

Ezgo Marathon Gas Golf Cart Ezgo Medalist Gas Golf Cart


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Gas Golf Carts

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